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Mission Statement

Self Motivated Athletic Agency (SMAA) is a full service sports agency which specializes in athlete management coupled with the personal and professional development of our clients. SMAA's niche is providing direct exposure for players all around the world. We have provided exposure and jobs for players all around the world in China, Mexico, Chile, Taiwan, Spain, Ireland, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Luxumburg, and Germany. SMAA looks for undiscovered talent because we believe that any potential pro basketball player deserves an opportunity to pursue their dream.


We are currently specializing in player development and overseas placement. The slogan of SMAA is Dream Big Achieve Bigger. We are very detailed oriented in our ability to train basketball players at a dynamic pace. SMAA wants clients’ that are hungry and humble. Our philosophy is to find clients’ that have the X factor of hard work, determination, discipline, dedication and coachable.


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